Many foreign citizens need to obtain a visa to enter Russian Federation. Students need to apply to the foreign diplomatic mission or consular post (a list of consular posts of the Russian Federation) and submit the following documents to get the visa:

  • A valid ID document (passport) with 2 clear pages for the visa;
  • A visa application form;
  • Photo 3 × 4 cm;
  • Health insurance (check if it is required by the Russian consulate);
  • In case the foreign citizen applies for a visa for more than three months, he must additionally submit a certificate of HIV infection test;

Types of visas:

Short student visa is valid for maximum 90 days. To obtain a visa you must have an invitation to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. The invitation is issued by our company. This invitation is sent by airmail to the student. The visa cannot be prolonged.

Student visa is given for 90 days, but it can be prologed to 365 days. It could take up to 4 weeks to obtain the invitation for this type of visa from UFMS (Federal Migration Service), the invitation will be delivered by airmail.

Tourist visa can be issued by those interested to come for the 4 weeks course or less. The invitation for this type of visa is delivered by e-mail. This visa cannot be prolonged.

Please, check the information in your visa. It is important not to have mistake in your personal infromation as well as in the date of your arrival and departure.

When entering the foreign citizen must fill in the migration card. Please always keep this card with you. During the first week every student should be registered at the migration service.

We will provide all the assistance needed for you before applying for the visa and after your arrival to Russia.