World of Education creates not just a language course, but the Russian language environment to make your skills and knowledge grow productively

Here is what we offer:

  • Small classes (up to 5 students)
  • Professional teachers. They all have the university degree in Teaching Russian as a foreign language. We also constantly improve the teaching skills of our teachers.
  • Modern study materials and technics, created by the leading linguistics centers of Russia for the international students.
  • Convenient location of the school. Right in the center of Kaliningrad, near to the city square.
  • Fully equipped school with modern and bright classes, projectors and free Wi-Fi.
  • Interesting cultural program. Sightseeing, trips to the sea, entertainment.
  • Living among the native language speakers. Here you can feel the culture and traditions of Russia.
  • Certificate showing your level of knowledge upon completion.
  • Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL). You can pass the test and receive the official certificate for work or study in Russia.

Important information:

Our courses start every first and third Monday of the month and ends on Friday. We recommend to arrive 1 or 2 days before the start date of your course. Upon your arrival you will have the written Russian language test, you will also have a short talk in Russian. All lessons are in Russian only. You will be placed in a group according to results of the test. Our groups are international as students are arriving from different countries.

Duration of the course: from 2 weeks to 9 months.

Basic Course
This course is perfect for students who plan to study essential aspects of the language through the system of well balanced lessons.
Experienced teachers will be teaching you basic elements of language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
You can learn both individually or in a group.

Weekly program comes up to 20 classes.

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Intensive Course
This course is perfect for students who want to learn Russian for educational or professional needs in the shortest way possible. This program may include additional classes to develop specific language skills: vocabulary extension, politics vocabulary, host country culture, business, tourism, finance, linguistics.
You can learn both individually or in a group.

Weekly program from Monday to Friday comes up to 25 classes.

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Business Russian
This course is perfect for students whose goal is to master the language as soon as possible and to improve their business communication skills. This course is highly recommended for businessmen. Russian language teachers, lawyers, and tourism and service industry workers.
You can learn both individually or in a group.

Weekly program comes up to 20-30 classes.

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Summer Course
This course is a great opportunity to learn Russian with a lesser course load and at a better price. This course is aimed at those who want to combine their holidays in Russia with education.

Weekly program comes up to 15 classes. (Friday classes are optional).

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Russian for academic purposes
This course is aimed at the foreigners who plan to enroll at Russian higher education institutions. The students will be provided with a free of charge consultation on admission rules to Russian educational institutions. Upon request our specialists will help you to find an educational institution which suits you the most, as well as to prepare all the papers for successful enrollment.

Weekly program comes up to 20-30 classes.

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Organized groups
This one is a scpecial course which can be tilor-made for students of a particular group considering their specific areas of interest.

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TORFL preparation course
This course is aimed at those students who come to Russia for education, work or residence purposes and have to prove their Russian language proficiency by taking a special exam called TORFL. The quantity of classes a week will depend on Russian language level and the nearest exam date and shall be determined by the student himself.

You can pass TORFL exam and get a corresponding certificate at our testing centre.

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