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English Test for Adults

Настоящий тест разработан учеными лингвистами Кэмбриджского университета для определения уровня английского языка у иностранных студентов.

Чтобы определить свой уровень языка, Вы должны заполнить пропущенные места в предложениях, выбрав один, на Ваш взгляд, правильный ответ из четырех вариантов, указанных под каждым заданием (a, b, c, d).

Результат тестирования Вы получаете сразу же на Ваш e-mail, он так же направляется в Языковую академию.

Для зачисления Вас на обучение звоните по телефонам: 593 – 095, 921 – 558 или пишите на olga.kusina@worldofeducation.ru





Can I help you? Yes. I am looking … Mr. Smith’s office.
a for b at с after d to


Where is your book? I … it last week.
a have lost b lose с was losing d lost


Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, I …
a do b like c would d will


Is John … Paul? No. I don’t think so.
a more taller then b so tall as c taller than d tall like


I like playing tennis. So … I?
a do b too c like d am


Has he written to his brother? Yes, he…him a letter last night.
a has written b was written c had written d wrote


Please don’t talk to me now. I … to finish this test.
a will try b try c have tried d am trying


Would you mind … the door? Not at all.
a closing b me close c to close d my close


Does he smoke? Yes, he … twenty a day.
a smokes b is smoking c smoke d has smoked


Does she like traveling abroad? Oh yes, last year she…to Australia.
a went b was c have gone d did go


Could you lend me some money? I’m very…of cash at the moment.
a down b scarce c low d short


Do you know who she is? No, didn’t …her name.
a say me b say to me c tell me d tell to me


She likes living in a warm climate …?
a wouldn’t she b doesn’t she c won’t she d isn’t she


Why haven’t they arrived yet? They … the train.
a can have missed b may have lost c can have lost d may have missed


You look different I’ve just been to the hairdresser …
a to have cut my hair b to have my hair cut c for having my hair cut to cut my hair


I’d like some coffee. I’m afraid there isn’t …
a more b anything c any d some


I’m terribly tired. Well I suggest … to bed.
a you go b you go to c you going d you went


Could you … me how to use the new ticket machine? Certainly
a say b remember c explain d show


Do you smoke? Not now, but I …
a use to b am used to c was used to d used to


Why are you running? There isn’t … time. The film’s going to begin soon.
a many b any c much d some


Did you see the man? Yes. I saw him … out of the shop.
a ran b to run c to have run d running


Do you recognise him? Yes, but I can’t remember …
a what is his name b his name is c is his name d what his name is


What are the fees? Ten pounds … month.
a the b for c a d by


This coat was left in the classroom. Do you know … it is?
a what b who c which d whose


Can I help you? Yes. I’d like …
a the information b to inform c any information d some information


This is my first visit to the doctor. Who … to before?
a are you going b want you c you went d did you go


Did you do any homework? Yes, but only …
a any b not much c a few d a little


Where are you staying? I’m living … Mrs. Smith and her family.
a by b at c with d among


What’s happened to Peter? I haven’t  seen him … ages.
a since b during c for d while


Everyone understood. The teacher … to explain it again.
a may not b mustn’t c didn’t need d needn’t


She doesn’t know … to come or not.
a if she will b if c whether she will  d whether


Are you learning English? Yes. I … it since last July.
a am learning b learned c have been learning d learn


That house is in a terrible state. You can see it … for years.
a hasn’t been repaired b wasn’t repaired c isn’t repaired d hadn’t repaired


You’re  early. Yes  but  not …..  I  had  intended.
a as early as b early c as early d so early


Why  didn’t  you  tell  me? You ….. angry  if  I  had.
a were b were to be c had been d would have been


What  shall  I  do  next? I  want ….. this  letter.
a that you type b you typing c you to type d to be typed


This  is  my  father’s  car. Really? Does  he  let ….. it?
a that  you  drive b you drive c you to drive d you driving


May  I  ask  you  something? No, and  please  stop ….. me.
a to interrupt b your interrupting c if you interrupt d interrupting


Why  don’t  you  ask  him? I  would  if  I ….. him  better.
a know b hadn’t known c knew d would know


I  don’t  feel  very  well. You ….. see a  doctor.
a ought b should с must d should have


I’m  going  to  a  party  tonight. Who …..?
a did you invite b did invite you c invited you d have you invited


I  can’t  come  to  dinner  to  night. Well, I  wish  you’d ….. me earlier.
a tell b told c had told d had been told


Here’s  you  $5 back. Thanks, but  I  don’t  remember ….. it  to  you.
a to lend b lending c my lend d me to lend


What  did  the  police  do?  They  made ….. a  lot  of  questions.
a me to answer b me answer c me answering d my answering


Is  he  coming  to  the  meeting? Well, I  asked  him …..
a if he will come b will he come c if he was coming d would he come


Did  you  enjoy  your holiday  in  Spain? No, I  wish …..
a I never want b I’ve never gone c I’d never gone d I wouldn’t have gone


Shall  we  take  a taxi? Well  I’d  rather ….. a  bus.
a look b take c to take d taking


My  watch  is  broken, but  it’s  not  worth …..
a repairing b to repair c to repair it d to be repaired


I’m  fine, it’s  only  a  little  cut ….. you  better  see  a  doctor?
a Wouldn’t b Shouldn’t c Won’t d Hadn’t


Do  I  have  to  get  ready  now? Yes, it’s  time  we …..
a went b would go c will go d to go


Do  you  live  at  the  top  of  the  building? No, I’m…..the ground floor.
a on b in c at d by


Why  didn’t  you  finish  the  test? It  was  more  difficult  than  I ….. expected
a would b have c might d had


Do  you  like  your  new  flat? Yes, it’s very  small  but  it ….. my  needs perfectly.
a settles  b meets c supplies d fills


We  have  decided  to  offer you  the  job…..your  qualifications  are poor.
a despite b even though c in spite of d whereas


I  have  written  to  the  manager ….. getting  my  money  refunded.
a in the hope of b on the question c with the aim d with a view


Did  you  know  everybody  at  the  party? No, nobody ….. the  host .
a except b apart c other d father


We  were ….. for  two  hours  in  heavy  traffic  and  arrived  late.
a broken down  b held up c kept off d put back


If  you  don’t  know  the  word. Look  it ….. in  your  dictionary.
a for b after c on d up


I  suppose  tomorrow’s  bus  strike  means ….. the  start  of  class.
a having delayed b delay c to delay d delaying


Why  is  he  not  at  the  party? I  have  told  him  never ….. to  this  house  again.
a come b to come c comes d came